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We provide the service, transportation and knowledge needed to bring your company into the 21st century in regards to recycling.

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Waste Audits

We start by conducting waste audits to see where we can divert materials currently being landfilled into the recycling stream.

Landfill Free

Our goal is to move companies forward and towards a goal of being landfill free.

Save Money

We have reduced waste at many businesses by up to 80%, saving them thousands of dollars.

Making a global impact

Recycling Concepts Inc. started in business in 2001 with one simple concept: “Solve industrial waste problems and redirect raw material waste streams.”

It is with this attitude that we positively affect the environment we live in. RCI plays a critical and important role by encouraging companies that want to increase their visibility as leaders in their industries and partner with us to explore the many opportunities that recycling can play in their continued growth and success.

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Contact us to inquire about a free waste audit so your business knows how your recycling process is working.





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